Corporate Gifting: Lavish Salt Lamp with Brand Logo

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  • Made by empowered Nepali women : Lumiere Nepal is dedicated to offering life-changing opportunities to those who aspire to better themselves. Our heartfelt initiative, "Project Women Empowerment," embodies this commitment. It is these very skilled and resilient women who pour their passion into crafting our exquisite corporate gift packages. By choosing us, you not only receive exceptional products but also become a part of our journey towards empowerment, equality, and inclusivity.
  • Customized experience : We specialize in tailoring your gifts to your exact wishes and specifications, offering unparalleled flexibility to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Choose your own basket : We offer more than just pre-set gift package sets. Our unique service allows you to handpick, add and omit inclusions according to your budget and preferences, enabling you to create a personalized gift basket that's uniquely yours.